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LEPL Rafiel Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics

Department of Mobile Machines

Departments history

Department of mobile machines functions since Institute's existence, It researches the theory, construction, testing and driving of the different types of mobile machines ( automobiles, tractors)

Department has been cooperating with different International educational and scientific centers like Hungary- Autokut, Germany - Drezden Technical University, France Sorbonne University; Their collaboration is represented in joint scientific publications.

Since department's existence its scientific research work includes:

  • Car exhaust, deceleration - braking with the electric-mechanic drive shaft (I. Matikashvili, A.Nozadze)
  • Machine laboratoty for the road testing of the wheels (K. Gvineria, G. Jokhadze)
  • Car hanger with pneumatic damping element (K. Gvineria, G. Jokhadze)
  • Optical Automatic System of wheeled tractor (K-700) ;16 sets had been manufactured by order and had been tested in different regions of Soviet Union; (O. Margvelashvili, A.Nozadze)
  • Optical Automatic System of automobile for testing on the BA3-2106 test site ( A. Nozadze)
  • Set of tools for testing in road conditions to determine dynamism, brake properties and economy of the vehicle (A.Nozadze)
  • Hydromechanicstepless transfer of Automobile's transmission (A. Nozadze)
  • Martensitic thermomechanical rotary converter - alloy with shape memory - with nitinol spring working element. (O. Margvelashvili, A. Nozadze, together with the Institute of Physics)
  • Offroad car research (by B. Petriashvili);
  • Mobile robot with software management. (By R. Partskhaladze);
  • Off-road Vehicle Research (Khelukhi T. Khukhuni);
  • A study of the reliability and durability of automotive units and components (Khel-li A. Muchaidze);
  • Application of spin geometry methods in spatial torque management tasks (Khel-li A. Milnikov)

  • At this moment, the main working directions of the department include :
  • examining and laboratory testing as well as road testng of automibiles
  • Research of non- traditional thrustors for the off- road mobile cars
  • Processing and researching mobile robotic complexes
  • Modeling and researching of mobile cars driving methods
  • Processing mobile means for the people with disabilities
  • Processing and researching undercarriage parts for the off- road cars

  • Academic Staff

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    Vladimer Margvelashvili (CV)

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    Professor Ph/D. Chief Researcher,

    Rezo Phartsxaladze (CV)

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    Ph/D. Chief Researcher

    Sergo Sharashenidze (CV)

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    Ph/D. Senior Researcher

    Aleksandre ZhermazaniShvili (CV)

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    Senior Researcherი, Ph/D.

    Zaza Makharoblidze (CV)

    Maia Iadze – engineer
    Giorg Basilia – engineer
    Violeta Shengelaia – Specialist
    Amiran Suladze – Technician

    Giorgi Javakhishvili,Technician

    Employees of the Department of Mobile Machine and work performed by them:


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