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LEPL Rafiel Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics

Scientific directions

Research continues on the following scientific problems:

The Institute is engaged in both fundamental and applied research. The scientific topics are presented with the priority as follows: Development of innovative technologies mechanical engineering and vehicles.

Core areas of scientific research:

  • Mathematical modeling and research on processes occurring in machines;
  • Development, design and studies of metal- and energy-saving machines, equipment and technologis;
  • Development of the algorithms for determining the dynamic loads caused by the impact forces in the components of machine assemblies and methods of engineering calculation;
  • The issues of durability and reliability of machinery and equipment;
  • Friction and wear problems;
  • Development of technology of new polymeric composite materials for use in mechanical engineering;
  • Development and studies of multifunctional mobile robotics;
  • Testing and special-purpose machines;
  • Development of Georgian analogs of the standards and methodologies for testing of vehicles, in the light of international experience;
  • Studies of the internal combustion engines with a view to improving their operational and environmental characteristics;
  • Development of sound- and heat-insulating materials using local raw materials and studies of their properties;
  • Development of agricultural mechanization machinery and various devices;
  • Development and studies of special-purpose multifunctional mobile platforms;
  • Expert and educational activities.
  • Improvement of special-purpose vehicles and weapon nodes.