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LEPL Rafiel Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics

Department of Machine Building

Departments history

Department of machine building was founded along with the department of vehicle parts in 1960 as institute itself. The founder and supervisor of the department since 1979 was Doctor of Technical Sciences – Ivane Bakradze. In 1979-2006, the head of the department T.M.K. It is David Demetradze,

In 2006-2011, the department was headed by Robert Adamia, a renowned scientist in the field of mechanical vehicle dynamics, the founder of a new, highly important scientific direction - the optimization synthesis of heavy vehicles. In addition, he was the founder of the Department of Pressure Processing of Metals at the Georgian Polytechnic Institute. Under his supervision, 20 doctoral and numerous candidate dissertations had been prepared. Academician R. Adamia has published more than 200 articles and 12 monographs, on which he has been awarded state and national awards by Giorgi Nikoladze. His works have been published in Germany,

USA, Russia, Spain, Romania, he has been a member of the World Scientific Center of Mechanics (Udine, Italy) since 1990. Since 2012, the head of the department is T. D. M., Professor SlavaMebonia. His work was published in Germany, USA, Russia, Spain, Romania; Since 2012 he was the member of the World Mechanics Scientific Center.

79 textbooks, 12 monographs and several hundred articles have been published by the staff of the department.

The department deals with the following fundamental and applied problems:

  • Development of new constructions of machine systems, aggregates and mechanisms taking into account technological processes and quality indicators of manufactured products;
  • Development of engineering methods and algorithms as well as determination of dynamical loading and striking force in the nodes of complex machines;
  • Improvement of thetechnological process of metal pressure processing along with the development of new constructions;
  • Development of new special purpose isotropic and anisotropic electrical conductive and magnetic polymer composite materials;
  • Development and research of antifrictional and frictional compositive materials;
  • Study of the thermal physical and physico-mechanical properties of new materials;
  • Creating new covering and oiler materials;
  • Development of new oiling energy-saving and eco-friendly methods;
  • Processing new technologial methods for the development of ceramic composites with physicomechanicaland tribological properties

  • Academic Staff

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    T.M.D., Professor, Chief Researcher, Head of Department

    Slava Mebonia CV

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    Doctor,Chief Researcher

    Lana Shamanauri (CV)

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    Doctor, Chief Researcher

    Bichiko Mazanishvili (CV)

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    Doctor Researcher

    Levan Robakidze (CV)

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    Doctor, Senior Researcher

    Bezhan Didebashvili (CV)

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    Doctor, Senior Researcher

    David Gvencadze (CV)

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    T.M.D., Professor, Chief Researcher

    JimsherAneli CV

    Employees of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and performed works by them:

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