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Department of Mobile Machines

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Aleksandre Shermanashvili

Mob: +995 790 32 03 54, Tel: 75 44, 574 803909, E-mail:

Date of birth: 17.08.1962
  • 1979-1985 -Georgian Polytechnic Institute (now Georgian Technical University) mechanical engineering faculty, specialty: “mechanical engineering technology, suitable for use with machine tools and weapons“, status: engineer mechanic.
  • 2018 - Georgian Technical University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Faculty of metallurgy, materials science and Metals Processing Department of the doctoral student
  • Position: Scientific Worker
    Work experience:
  • 1985-1993-Scientific Research Institute "Radian", engineer
  • 1993-2004-employee of the Scientific and technical Center of the Ministry of State Security of Georgia. In rank from Lieutenant to Captain
  • From 2005 to present, he has been a research fellow at the mobile machine Department of the RaphielDvali Institute of machine mechanics.
  • 1998-1999, Tbilisi Rolling Stock Work, Experimental workshop, Master.
  • Scientific Interests:

  • Mechanical engineering;
  • Mobile robots;
  • Technology;
  • Metallurgy.
  • Publications:

    more than 14 scientific articles.
  • A. Nozadze, a. Sharmanashvili, “Rotary thermo-mechanical Converter with combined working chain” "Novation", periodic scientific journal, Tbilisi, 2010, p.p.200-206
  • N. Margvelashvili, a. Nozadze, a. Shermazanashvili, “Martensitic thermo-mechanical transformative combined working chain”. Tbilisi, Stu-Jubilee collection of works ACAD. D. "Applied mechanics", 2010, p.p. 75-81;
  • A. Nozadze, a. Rikrikadze, a. Sharmanashvili, Definition of spheres of possible application of asynchronous motors of increased frequency, N. II international conference "Nonclassical tasks of mechanics", Kutaisi, 2012, p. 313-317;
  • A. Rikrikadze, a. Shermazanashvili, the results of the research of self-functioning three-phase asynchronous generators. "Science and technology", Tbilisi, No. 1 (715), 2014, p. 63-69;
  • A. Rikrikadze, a. Shermazanashvili, sh. Rikrikadze, a. Sale, Results of the study of self-excited asynchronous generators, 23nd Intern. Scietific and Technical Cobference on Transport, Road-Building, Agricultural, Hoisting & Hauling and Military Technics and Technologies, Varna, 2015, p. 49-51;
  • В.И.Клдиашвили,Т.М.Натриашвили.,Мебония С.А.,А.Г.Шермазанашвили. Методика пересчета параметров электродвигателя для регулируемых асинхронных приводов транспортных средств. Архивариус. Научн.журнал 3-й н-практ.конф. НАУКА в СОВРЕМЕННОМ МИРЕ.2-я часть. (19.11.15). Киев 2015,cт.86-89
  • V. Kldiashvili, T. Natriashvili, S. Mebonia, A. Shermazanashvili. “The comporativeanalysis of the parameters of the ore restoration furnaces for equal power on the self-baking and grafitized electrodes.” International conference “Proceedings of Mechanics 2016”, Tbilisi , 2016.pp.127-132
  • V. Kldiashvili, T. Natriashvili, S. Mebonia, A. Shermazanashvili. Analysis of the Parameters of the Ore Restoration Furnaces for Equal Power on the Self-Baking and Grafitized Electrodes. “Journal of Energy and Power Engineering”. (10)2016.pp.787-791
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  • T. Morchadze, N. Rusadze, A.Shermazanashvili. Analysis and identification of ways toimprove efficiency of martensitic engines of various schemes. ISSN 0001-7043, “Acta Technica” 63 No. 4/2018,. pp. 517–528
  • V. Margvelashvili. R. Phartskhaladze . A. Shermazanashvili, F. Mshvildadze. “Research of walking robots deviations" of the International Conference “MECANICS-2014” Dedicated to the 15-th anniversary of Scientific Journal of IFToMM problems of mecanics June, 19-21, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia ISSN 1512-0740 #2(55)2014, pp.57-60
  • V. Margvelashvili, R. Phartskhaladze, S. Sharashenidze,A. Shermazanashvili. Destroyers of explosive devices and other objects. International Scientific Journal “Problems of Mechanics”, № 2(75), 2019. Tbilisi, pp. 61-67
  • T. Natriashvili, S. Mebonia, A. Shermazanashvili.Determination of rational parameters of the dynamic system of radial forcing machine. International Scientific Journal “Problems of Mechanics”, № 2(75), Tbilisi,2019, p.53-60
  • S. Mebonia, R. Kavtaradze, Natriashvili, A. Shermazanashvili. Analysis of kinematic schemes of radial-forging machines and the shoice of rational scheme. International Scientific Journal “Problems of Mechanics”, № 3(76), Tbilisi.2019, p.p 31-38.
  • Inventions (Patents):

  • frequency-adjustable asynchronous electric motor.Tamaz natriashvili, Vladimir Kldiashvili, Slava Mebonia, AleksandreShermanashvili.Patent P 6677 Patent owner: RaphielDvali Institute of machine mechanics. Date of entry into force: 2016-01. Date of issue:2017-07-12

    Participation in scientific events:

  • Research of scientist Alekandre Shermaznashvili has participated in several international scientific conferences as in Georgia so abroad