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LEPL Rafiel Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics

The material base:

The Institute has laboratories provided with appropriate scientific equipment and devices, housing:

  • Test benches for the internal combustion engines with different (16 - 250 kW);
  • The drum bench for simulating road and operational conditions of a vehicle with a load capacity up to 4 tons;
  • Test bench for vibration engineering;
  • Test bench for shell and rolling bearings;
  • Different types of test benches for machine components friction and wear;
  • Versatile test equipment and instruments for the properties of materials;
  • Equipment for balancing small-sized turbochargers of rotors;
  • General-purpose equipment for shaft balancing;
  • Test bench for determining the sensitivity parameters of body towards vibration;
  • The Institute has a shop of mechanical processing of parts with total area of 600 sq. meters, up to 40 pieces of working machines and devices.