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LEPL Rafiel Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics

Machine building department

Development of new technology for rolling seamless pipes (2022).
Annotation. The responsible person is Slava Mebon

Optimization of intelligent systems for monitoring, management and control of hybrid renewable energy systems
Annotation. Responsible person Bichiko Mazanashvili

Modeling and testing of manufacturing technologies of high temperature range super heat insulation vacuum panels (VIP) based on local mineral resources
Annotation. Responsible person Bichiko Mazanashvili

Department of thermal energy installations

Development of mobile equipment test programs and methods taking into account international experience
Annotation. Responsible person Paata Dolidze

Prediction of the efficient and environmental performance of a lean hydrogen engine using a three-dimensional mathematical model based on Navier-Stokes type equations.
Annotation. Project leader Revaz Kavtaradze

Processing of environmentally friendly vehicles with a load capacity of up to 0.3-0.4 tons for domestic production shipments.
Annotation project leader Roman Kenkishvili

Project FR-18-122. "Investigation of the processes of turbulent motion, combustion and formation of nitrogen oxides in a hydrogen diesel cylinder using a 3D model based on Navier-Stokes type equations".
Annotation. Project leader Rezo Kavtaradze

Dynamics department

Processing of mathematical (numerical) modeling and research of the dynamics of vibrating machines taking into account the technological load..
Annotation. The head of the project is Merab Chelidze

Improvement of tribological properties of friction surfaces based on the use of a new concept of their deformation mechanism.
Annotation. Responsible person Giorgi Tumanishvili

Research on propagation of vibrations in loose materials of different rheological characteristics, in dry and non-dry environments, and development of an improved multifunctional vibration device
Annotation. responsible person Viktor Zviadauri

Mobile vehicle department

Development of technology and technical means for soil priming.
Annotation. Project leader Z. Makharoblidze

Processing of environmentally friendly vehicles with a load capacity of up to 0.2 tons for domestic production shipments
Annotation. Project leader Vladimir Margvelashvili