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LEPL Rafiel Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics

The Academic Council of the Institute of Machine Mechanics considers it appropriate that some scientific and design work carried out at the institute will play a positive role in the development of the Georgian economy:

For specialists engaged in the field of mechanical engineering, transport and agriculture, farmers and relevant departments interested in domestic high-performance technologies, the institute offers dynamic calculations of various types of devices and their preliminary design work in order to achieve environmental friendliness, reliability and versatility in operation..

Theoretical and experimental studies and research work carried out at the institute are related to the problems of vehicle dynamics, reliability, durability, vibration and noise reduction, which is of great importance from the point of view of protecting the environment from harmful factors.

It should be noted that in the current situation, the Institute of Machine Mechanics has manufactured a number of test equipment at its base, which are distinguished by fairly good performance data.

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