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LEPL Rafiel Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics

Grants since 2000

Participation of LEPL Raphael Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics in
International and CEC projects (since 2000)

Project titleGrant numberExecution deadlines
1Development and design of solid-state phase transitions and engines running on non-traditional thermal energy sourcesG-407 (ISTC)2001- 2003
2Creating new, electrically conductive polymeric materials working in extreme conditionsG-593 (ISTC)2003- 2006
3Automatic monitoring of the hermetization of explosive and poisonous liquidsG-3891 (STCU)2007- 2009
4Development of environmentally friendly, new generation friction materials technologies based on local raw materialsBRF-05/08 (GRDF and GSF January-January 2008-October
5Development of new photocatalytic and electrolytic methods for producing hydrogen for use in hydrogen energy. G-4677 (STCU and GESF January-January 2010-June
6Durable wheelset with variable wheel spacingBPF- 04/09 (GRDF და სესფ-ი)2009- იანვარი 2011- დეკემბერი
7The use of a vibrating machine of new construction to improve technological processesGNSF/ST 08/7-486 ( სესფ-ი)2009 - 2011
8Wall-mounted pneumo-vibrating deviceGNSF/ST 08/7-490( სესფ-ი)2009 - 2011
9Complex research of vibrating transport-technological machine and development of new high-production constructionsGNSF/ST 08/7-489( სესფ-ი)2009 - 2011
10New technological procedure for spatial control of robot manipulatorsGNSF/ST 09 83171222010 - 2012
11Ways of obtaining and selling thermal insulation polymeric materials on the basis of local raw materialsBPG 03/12 21-22-50Execution deadlines
12Reduction of harmful, toxic emissions from vehicles using combined nanotechnology methods;Grant number2013-2014
13Research and development of electric motor-wheel for vehiclesAR/136/3-160/13 2014-2016
14Modeling and research of a new, alternative combustion process using high three-dimensional non-stationary equations of Navier-Stokes to obtain high environmental performance of dieselგFR/241/3-170/142015-2017
15Production test and optimization of innovative automobile free of precious metals№2170202016-2018
16Mathematical modeling of vibration technology processes and design of new, highly efficient machines№ FR17_292/td>2017-2020
17Investigation of turbulent motion, combustion and nitrogen oxide generation processes in a hydrogen diesel cylinder using a 3D model based on Navier-Stokes type equationsFR 18-1222019-2022