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LEPL Rafiel Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics

Heat Power Engineering Installations Department

Departments history

The department was established in 1960, when the institute was founded. The subject of research has been and still remains today - internal combustion engines and the processes going on in it. Members of the National Academy of Science - Rafael Dvali, Vakhtang Makhaldiani, as well as the member-correspodents Iovel Jebashvili and Boris Kordzadze have made a great contribution to the establishment and development of the department.

During the existence of the department, scientific work has been done with significant results on such issues as:

  • Research on car engine brake processes and new braking effects;
  • Development of systems adapted to the operating conditions of motor-tractor internal combustion engines;
  • Influence of altitude on the working process of internal combustion engines;
  • Carburetor engine throttle modes;
  • Turbocharging of diesel and carburetor engines, seeking ways to improve their power and environmental performance;
  • Research and improvement of the working process of rotary piston engines;
  • Development of information output systems and measuring equipment for tests of classical piston and rotary piston engines;
  • Variable compression quality engine and engine forcing issues;
  • Development of free-piston engines, study of their working process and regulation mechanism;
  • Creating small capacity (12-18 kW) diesels for mobile cars;
  • Switching internal combustion engines to alternative fuels.

  • Textbooks on the theory and dynamics of motor tractors have been published by the staff of the department, in which, the effects of high conditions and variable load on the working process of engines are discussed, unlike the existing textbooks. In order to imitate the high operating conditions of the engines in the unit, the engine test is based on the electro-balancing brake device of the high-altitude testing laboratory, which provides imitation of different climatic conditions by selecting the physical parameters of the atmosphere. The department cooperates with the Georgian Technical University, Working process of combustion engines with departments of thermodynamics and internal combustion engines of the Kharkov Institute of Transport Engineers with organizations working on problems of improvement in high conditions.

    The former employees of the department played a significant role in the success of the department:
    Corresponding member of the Georgian Academy of Sciences I. Jebashvili developed and set up an engine elevator testing laboratory;

    PhD in Engineering Science I. Ghvinianidze - for the first time in the engine elevator testing laboratory carried out scientific research works, developed and created a small three-cylinder diesel;

    Doctor of Technical Sciences Ejibia - developed and created a free-piston engine and its test laboratory, a two-cylinder diesel;

    PhD in Engineering Science K. Gigauri - one of the first to turbocharge the carburetor engine with his own turbocharger;

    PhD in Engineering Science C. Badrishvili - developed the original ecological constructions of spark plugs in gasoline engines;

    Main scientific directions:
    Development of special purpose off-road mobile vehicles.

    Department staff:

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    Head of Department, Chief Researcher

    Roman Kenkishvili (CV)

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    TMD, Professor, Chief Researcher

    RevazKavtaradze (CV)

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    Chief Researcher

    Paata Dolidze (CV)

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    Senior Researcher

    Jemal Javakhishvili (CV)

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    Senior Researcher

    David Nijharadze (CV)

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    Giorgi Chilasfvili (CV)

    ჯუმბერ მესხი, ინჟინერი

    Soso Sabashvili,Technician

    Giorgi Javakhishvili,Technician

    Employees of the department of Heat Power Engineering Installations and work performed by them:


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