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LEPL Rafiel Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics

Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Nino Didishvili

Senior researcher, Dr
Mob:599 14 14 68

Date of Birth: 30.09.1962 y.
  • 1956-1961–Georgian Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Transport, qualification: engineer mechanic;
  • Position: Secretary of the Council;
    Work Experience:
  • From 2024 to the present, senior researcher at the mechanical engineering department of the Institute of Machine Mechanics, secretary of the Academic Council.
  • 1991-1994 STU - Assistant at the department #112;
  • 1994-2004 GTU - Senior teacher of #112 department;
  • 2004-2006 GTU - docent of #112 department;
  • 2006-2009 GTU - Assistant Professor of #112 Department;
  • 2009-2013 GTU - Assoc.Professor of #112 department;
  • 2013-2017 GTU - Professor of #112 departments;
  • 2013-2017 SEU - visiting professor
  • Co-operation: 2017-present SEU - Associate Professor (affiliated)

    Scientific directions (interests):

  • The country's economy and public sentiment (mentality)
  • Selected Publications:

    1. N.Didishvili, Coaching as a method of personnel development. "Economics and Finances" magazine, SEU, Tbilisi, 2020. (Georgian)
    2. N.Didishvili, D. Chakvashvili, Human Resources Management "Rideri" SEU Tbilisi, 2019.(Georgian)
    3. N.Didishvili, T. Taktakishvili, T. Bichikashvili, Risk Management, "Rideri" SEU Tbilisi, 2019.(Georgian)
    4. N.Didishvili, T. Bichikashvili, Characterization of the cultures of the countries, "Rideri" SEU Tbilisi, 2019.(Georgian)
    5. N.Didishvili, M.Lomidze, The essence of business reputation and its assessment methods, "Transport and Machine Building" magazine, STU, Tbilisi, 2017.(Georgian)
    6. N.Didishvili, Effective methods of motivating and stimulating personnel, Journal "Transport and Machine Building", GTU, Tbilisi, 2017.(Georgian)
    7. N.Didishvili, Economic Globalization, "Science and Life" 1(7), Tbilisi, 2013.(Georgian)
    8. L.Bochoidze, N.Didishvili, Management (international environment, culture, finance), auxiliary manual, "GTU", Tbilisi, 2013.(Georgian)
    9. N.Didishvili, Knowledge Management, "Science and Life" 2(6), Tbilisi, 2012.(Georgian)
    10. N.Didishvili, The main directions of overcoming the economic crisis in Georgia, The world economic crisis and Georgia; International scientific conference, Tbilisi, 2011.(Georgian)
    11. N.Didishvili, about the problems of calculating the economic effectiveness of investments; "Proceedings of the International Scientific and Technical Conference", Tbilisi, 2010.(Georgian)
    12. T. Kiladze, N.Didishvili, Fundamentals of Management, "(Methodological guidelines for practical works)" GTU, Tbilisi, 2009.(Georgian)
    13. N.Didishvili, Main Directions of Transport Development in Georgia, "Collection of Materials of the Scientific Conference Dedicated to the Foundation of P. Gugushvili EC Institute", Tbilisi, 2009.(Georgian)
    14. G.Tkeshelashvili, T. kiladze, N.Didishvili, management psychology, auxiliary manual, "GTU", Tbilisi, 2012.(Georgian)

    Participation in scientific grant projects:

  • National University of Georgia SEU intra-university grant 2023 "Research of dominant managerial style in Georgia according to Hofstede's cultural dimensions" main performer
  • Participation in scientific forums (conferences):

  • T.Taktakishvili, N.Didishvili, Development problems of Georgian industry. 5th scientific practical conference of Georgian economists (2002)
  • N.Didishvili, Main directions of transport development in Georgia. Scientific conference dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the Institute of Economics named after P. Gugushvili (2009)
  • N.Didishvili, About the problems of calculating the economic effectiveness of investments. International scientific and technical conference (2010)
  • N.Didishvili, The main directions of overcoming the economic crisis in Georgia. World economic crisis and Georgia. International scientific conference (2011)
  • Additional information:

  • Supervision and peer review of doctoral theses - four doctoral students
  • Knowledge of languages: Russian, English - fluently
  • Computer skills: WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT - freely