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LEPL Rafiel Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics

Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Bichiko Mazanishvili

Chief Researcher. Mob: +995 5 55 65 01 02; tel:(995 32) 2 53 8314; E-mail:

Data of Birth: 08.01.1953
Education: 1978-1983წწ. 1978-1983 The faculty of Mechanics and machine buildings, speciality-aircraft industry.
1977-1978, Patent Institute. 1978-1981, Post-graduate studentship of the Institute of MachineMechanics of Georgian Academy of Sceinces, speciality-Heat engines.
2009, Academic Doctor of Engineer Scinces
Scientific/Acad. degree: Academic Doctor of Engineer Scinces.
Position: Senior Scientist, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Work activity: 1974-1975, Tbilisi Dimitrov Aircraft Plant, production engineer,
1975-1995, 2008-2019, Institute of MachineMechanics of Georgian Academy of Sceinces: engineer, junior scintific worker, scientific worker, senior sceintific worker, Chief Researcher.
1995-1998, Moscow Uchtomski Plant of Industrial Union: Chief constructor of the automobile complex.

Scientifie interests:

  • Rotary engines
  • Sensors, measurements
  • Computer management,
  • New thermal insulation materials
  • Batteries.
  • Selected publications:

    16 scientific articles, including:.
  • D.Gventsadze, b. Mazanishvili, L. Robakidze. Development of the technology of High Temperature Sandvich Type InerILIhermalOsolacionMateryals,“Problems of Mechanic” №4(77), 2019,p. ISSN 1512-0740;
  • D. Gventsadze, b. Mazanishvili, L. Robakidze, „Technology for preparation of eco-friendly highTemperature heat-insulating materials on the basis of liquid glass and swollen Perlite“,//Herald of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, Chemistry Series, Vol. 42, # 3, 2016, Tbilisi, p. 365-367;
  • P. Dolidze, R. Kenkishvili, Z. Maisuradze, b. Mazanishvili, G. Burduli. "Project Schemes of Examinated Areas on the Passage of Military Examination Vehicles", "Science and Technology", Pub. "Technical University", # 1 (718), 2015, p. 97-104;
  • B. Mazanishvili, A. Khvadagiani, D. Robakidze, N. Iakobidze, "Perspectives of using autoclaves, gas masts and hydrostats in technological processes", N. II International Conference Dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of Valishvili's Birth "Non-Classical Problems of Mechanics", Kutaisi, 2012, p. 392-395;
  • D. Gventsadze, B. Mazanishvili, G. Mamniashvili, A. Beroshvili, L. Gventsadze, "On the basis of polytetrafluoroethylene and prepared modern self-lubricating materials", N. II International Conference Dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of Valishvili's Birth "Non-Classical Problems of Mechanics", Kutaisi, 2012, p. 293-297;
  • D. Gventsadze, b. Mazanishvili, T. Machaladze, G. Japaridze, "Structural Study of Polytetrafluoroethylene Composites Filled with Metal Powders", Proceedings of the International Scientific-Technical Conference, "Modern Technologies and Applied Design", May 19-20, Kutaisi, 2011, p. 300-302;
  • A. Maisuradze, B. mazanishvili, K. Broladze, O. Kartvelishvili, “R.D.Z. on super-light aircraft. Perspectives of application ", Georgian Academy of Sciences," Moambe ", 2008,
  • B.R. Mazanishvili, Fundamentals of creating a system for the direct removal of information from roaring chambers of motor power plants. Abstracts of the All-Union Conference on Theory and Calculation of Mobile Machines and Internal Combustion Engines, Tbilisi 1985;
  • B.R. Mazanishvili, Kinematic analysis of the operation of the signal output unit of the system for removing information from the combustion chambers of the RPD, Abstracts of the Tbilisi Scientific and Technical Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists “Analysis and Synthesis of Working Processes and Machine Designs”. Tbilisi, ed. ,, Metsniereba ”January 1984;
  • S.A. Dzhanoyan, A.I. Maisuradze, B.R. Mazanishvili, "Information transfer system for studying the operation of a rotary piston engine". Reports of the All-Union Scientific and Technical Conference. “High pressure piston engines and rotary engines” Tbilisi, November 1981.
  • Inventions (Patents) :

  • 14 copyrights, 3 diplomas on industrial design, 84 rationalization proposals;
  • Test stand,Copyright №905691, 1981 (Co-authors: A. Maisuradze, I. Isinski)
  • Test bench for RPD, Copyright №898278, 1981, (Co-authors: S. Janoyan, A. Maisuradze, G. Khabibulin)
  • RPD of internal combustion, Copyright №1192459, 1984, (co-authors: S. Janoyan, A. Maisuradze)
  • Participation in the scientific grant projects

  • 2009-2011, STCU№3891 „Automatic monitoring of the leakage of capacities with poisonic and dangerous liquids,“ Principal Performer;
  • 2012-2013, CRDF Global ,SRNSF, GRDF №09/07 „The ways of otaining of thethemalinsulating polymeric materials on the base of the local rawmaterials and their realization in practice“, Researchedirector;
  • 2016-2018, Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation, No. 217020, "Manufacturing Test and Optimization of Innovative Automotive Catalyst Free Precious Metals", Principal Performer.
  • Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Grants:
  • "Design and manufacture of 800 watt induction heating furnace for the study of self-renewable polymeric materials" - Design and manufacture of equipment 2017.
  • "Aluminum rotating electrolyzer". Creator of the technical project
  • "Combined water neutralization system using TiO 2 photocatalytic nanocomposites", author of the photocatalytic combined device project 2016.
  • "Experimental heating device for hyperthermia" - the main executor of the project in 2016.