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Department of Mobile Machines


Head of the Department,


Vladimir Margvelashvili

Members of the Department:
  1. Doctor Revaz Partskhaladze, Senior Scientific Worker;
  2. DoctorSergo Sharashenidze, Senior Scientific Worker;
  3. Doctor Irakli Zakutashvili, Scientific Worker.
  4. Alexander Shermazanashvili, Scientific Worker.
  5. Georg Japaridze-Bagration, Engineer;
  6. Georg Basilaia, Engineer;
  7. Doctor Maia Iadze, Engineer;
  8. Amiran Suladze, Technic;

     The Department of the Mobile Machines exists since foundation of the Institute and main directions of its research are development of methods and means of theory, calculation and testing in real conditions of mobile machines (automobiles and tractors) and their practical use in the transport means.
In the period of its existence the Department had close relations with the scientific institutions (“НАТИ”, “НАМИ”) and design offices of the automobile and tractor plants (“ВАЗ”, “МАЗ”, “ПАЗ”, “КАЗ”, with who the Department was working on the base of scientific and technical agreements) of the Soviet Union and foreign countries (Hungarian “Autokut”, “Ikarus”), and also the corresponding chairs of Dresden Technical University and Sorbonne University, results of which are reflected in the joint publications.
As a result of reorganization of the Institute the departments of Robots (Leader R. Partskhaladze) and Reliability (Leader A. Muchaidze) are joined to the Department.
The following works are carried out in the Department:

  • The exhausting brake-decelerator of the automobile with the electro-mechanical drive (Leaders: I. Matikashvili, A. Nozadze);
  • Automobile-laboratory for the road testing of tyres (Leaders: K. Gvineria, G. Jokhadze);
  • The automobile suspension with the pneumatic damping elements. (Leaders: K. Gvineria, G. Jokhadze);
  • Optical controlling system (K-700) for the tractor with wheels. (16 sets were made and tested in various climatic regions of the Soviet Union according to the order of “Soiuzselskhoztekhnika”; Leaders: O. Margvelashvili, A. Nozadze);
  • Optical controlling system of automobile “ВАЗ-2106” for testing on the special proving ground of “ВАЗ” (Leader A. Nozadze);
  • Complex of instruments for testing of the automobile in the road conditions and for ascertainment of its dynamical, economical and braking properties (Leader A. Nozadze);
  • The hydro-mechanical regular transmission of the automobile (Leader A. Nozadze);
  • The martensite thermo-mechanical rotary transformer with a working element equipped with a spring made of the alloy Nitinol, having memory of a form (Leaders: O. Margvelashvili, A. Nozadze jointly with the Institute of Physics);
  • Research into a walking machine (Leader B. Petriashvili);
  • Mobile robot with program controlling (Leader R. Partskhaladze);
  • Research into a slope-rover (Leader T. Khukhuni);
  • Research into reliability and durability of the automobile aggregates and units. (Leader A. Muchaidze);
  • Application of methods of spinor geometry in the problems of controlling of spatial rotations (Leader A. Milnikov).

      By the employees of the Department are published 10 monographs, 6 text-books, 323 scientific works, 39 author’s certificates, 20 patents.

      The present themes of the Department envisage:

  • Elaboration of power plants of small and medium capacity with the use of alternative power sources (elaboration and research into transformers of the solar energy and energy of natural thermal springs);
  • Protection of the environment by elaboration of measures for reduction of the toxic influence of the exhausted gases of automobiles.

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