About Us

Department of Problems of Mechanical Engineering


Head of the Department,


Slava Mebonia


Employees of the Department:


  1. Doctor, professor Aneli Jimsher, Chief Scientific Worker;
  2. Doctor Bichiko Mazanishvili Senior Scientific Worker.
  3. Doctor Alexander Milnikov, Chief Scientific Worker.
  4. Doctor David Gventsadze, Senior Scientific Worker;
  5. Academic Doctor Lana shamanauri, Scientific Worker;
  6. Doctor David Demetradze, Chief Scientific Worker;
  7. Doctor Revaz Melkadze, Chief Scientific Worker;
  8. Doctor, professor Sulkhan Iashvili, Chief Scientific Worker;


   The Department was formed in the same year as the Institute was founded, in 1960.
 Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor Ivane Bakradze has done great services to formation and scientific leadership of the Department, who was its leader till 1979. Professor I. Bakradze educated about two tens candidates and doctors of technical sciences.
 In 1979-2006 the Department was leaded by Cand. of Tech. Sciences David Demetradze.
 Since 2006 till today a head of the Department is Academician Robert Adamia.
 Employees of the Department have published 5 textbooks, more than 10 monographs and several hundreds of scientific works.

      The plan for the future activity of the Department contains the following actual problems of fundamental and applied character:

  • Analysis and optimization synthesis of dynamical loads in the aggregates and mechanisms of machine systems considering qualitative indices of technologic processes and produced output.
  • Engineer methods and algorithms of calculation and rational design of the optimal dynamical processes in the mechanical and electro-mechanical systems.
  • The complex research into  technologic and dynamic parameters of metallurgic aggregates for the purpose of rise of their productivity, durability and quality of the produced output.
  • Elaboration of the engineer methods and algorithms for determination of percussive forces in the units of machine aggregates on the basis of phenomenologic description of the percussive process.
  • Synthesis and optimal controlling of dynamical processes of the multi-engine automatized electro-drives of the high-speed and heavily loaded technologic machine.
  • Creation of polymeric composites having gradient mechanical, electrical and magnetic parameters with the purpose of their use as sensor elements.
  • Elaboration of the device on the principle of variation of ultra-sound frequency and with the use of obtained sensors, ensuring detection of the poisoning or explosive gases generated in insignificant quantities in the environment but dangerous for health.
  • Elaboration of new coating and lubricant materials; elaboration of new power-saving and ecologically pure methods for coating and lubrication.
  • Elaboration of technologic methods for obtaining ceramic composites having high physical-mechanical and tribologic characteristics.

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