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History of Institute

Institute was founded in 1959 year on the base of direction ministry council of georgian SSR (#750 September 1959 year) and was named a Machine Building Institute.

The initiators of foundation of the Institute were academicians Raphiel Dvali and Vakhtang Makhaldiani, whose researches into the theory of the mobile machines and engines operating in the conditions of highlands were assumed as a basis for foundation of the Institute and formation of its basic trends.

Rafiel Dvali

Vaxtang Maxaldiani

1970 the Institute was renamed Institute of Machine Mechanics.
In 1994 the Institute was named after Raphiel Dvali, and in 2006 the Institute was founded as a Legal Entity of Public Law-LEPL Raphiel Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics.

In 1960-61 the Institute was leaded by Cand. of Techn. Sciences Giogi Ambokadze.

Giorgi Ambokadze

Iovel Jebashvili

In 1961-72 The Director of the Institute was Cand. of Techn. Sciences Iovel Jebashvili.

In 1972-85 the Institute was leaded by the noted Georgian scientist and public figure, Academician of the Georgian Academy of Sciences Raphiel Dvali.

In 1985-1998 the Director of the Institute was again Iovel Jebashvili, Corresponding Member of Georgian Academy of Sciences, Professor.

1998-2006 the eminent scientist and public man, academician Robert Adamia was selected the Director of the Institute.

Robert Adamia

Tamaz Natriashvili

Since 2006 the Director of the Institute is Doctor of Technical Sciences
Tamaz Natriashvili.

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