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Department of the Thermal energy Equipment


Head of the Department,
Academic Doctor.,


Roman Kenkishvili


Members of the Department:

  1. Doctor Paata Dolidze Head Scientific Worker.
  2. Doctor Jemal Javakhishvili Senior Scientific Worker.
  3. Academic Doctor Rezo Demetrashvili Senior Scientific Worker.
  4. Doctor David Nizharadze Senior Scientific Worker.
  5. Doctor Levan Robakidze Scientific Worker.
  6. Doctor Shalva Obgaidze Scientific Worker.
  7. Zurab Maisuradze Engineer.
  8. Zurab Jumber Mesxi Engineer.
  9. Soso Sabashvili Technic.
  10. Nodar Bediashvili Technic.


The large scale experimental researches of the auto-tractor engines in the highland conditions are carried out in the Department, which included establishment of the operational indices of the turbo-supercharged diesel engine and the problem of elaboration of the engine brake systems in the conditions of the air rarefaction corresponding to the altitude up to 500 m and variation of the environment temperature in the range 0-50 C. To the letter was dedicated a separate monograph of Corresponding Member of Georgian Academy of Sciences I. Jebashvili and Doct. of Techn. Sciences B. Kordzadze “The modern engine brakes of automobiles”, where the problem of rise of effectiveness of the engine brake system is solved. Among the works carried out in the Department the monograph of V. Makhaldiani, I. Ejibia and A. Leonidze, which is dedicated to the internal combustion engines operating by the automatic regulation of the compression degree is interesting also. The problems considered in this monograph concern the theory, construction and calculation of systems of automatic regulation of the compression degree. The results of many year researches of these authors are used in the book.
Besides, the monographs of famous foreign scientists published in this direction are translated by Doct. of Techn. Sciences B. Kordzadze. In addition to the above mentioned fundamental monographs, scientific workers of the Department K. Gigauri, J. Javakhishvili and J. Mchedlishvili have created and elaborated experimentally the fuel-distribution phases of the carburetor engine, providing high ecological properties along with retaining the high economical and power indices of the engine.
In the Department the works are carried out and the results are obtained on such problems as follows:

  • research of processes of the automobile braking by the engine and new effects of braking;
  • elaboration of the systems adapted to the exploitation conditions of the auto-tractor internal combustion engines;
  • influence of the altitude above the sea-level on the operational process of the internal combustion engines;
  • the throttle regimes of the carburetor engines;
  • turbo-supercharged diesel and carburetor engines. Searching for the ways of improvement of their power, economical and ecological indices;
  • research and perfection of the operation process of the engines with rotary pistons;
  • elaboration of the information taking off systems and measuring apparatus for testing of the engines with classical and rotary pistons;
  • an engine operating by the variable degree of compression and problems of the engines forcing;
  • elaboration of the engines with free pistons and research into their operating process and the regulating mechanism;
  • elaboration of the small capacity (12-18 Kw) diesels meant for the mobile machines;
  • conversion of the internal combustion engines to the alternative fuels.

At present the researches are being carried out in the Department into organizational problems of operation of the internal combustion engines on the alternative, ecologically pure fuels and elaboration of the technologies providing more effective use of the oil fuels.
In the Department, on the basis of electro-balancing braking plant of imitation of the highland conditions of operation of the engines the laboratory of highland testing is created, providing imitation of various climatic conditions by selection of the physical parameters characterizing the atmosphere state.
An important role in the successful activity of the Department was played by its late employees:
Doctor of techn. sciences I. Jebashvili created testing laboratory of engines in mountain conditions
Cand. of Techn. Sciences I. Gvinianidze was the first to realize the scientific and research works in the laboratory of highland testing of the engines.
Cand. of Techn. Sciences I. Ejibia created the engine with free pistons and a laboratory for its testing.
Cand. of Tech. Sciences K. Gigauri realized the turbo-supercharging in the carburetor engine by the turbo-compressor created by himself.
Cand. of Techn. Sciences G. Badrishvili created original constructions of the sparking plugs for the petrol engines, which are more ecological in comparison with the existent ones.

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