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Department of the Machine Dynamics

Head of the Department
Chief Scientific Worker,
Prof. Victor Zviadauri

Members of the Department:

  1. Doct. of Techn. Sciences, Prof. HamletTsulaia, Chief Scientific Worker;
  2. DoctorGeorge Tumanishvili, Head Scientific Worker;
  3. Doctor Merab tedoshvili, Senior Scientific Worker;
  4. DoctorTengiz Nadiradze, Senior Scientific Worker;
  5. Maka Gulbatashvili, Engineer;
  6. Svetlana Chagelishvili, Scientific Worker, Secretary of the Scientific Council;
  7. Nunu Gelashvili, Translator (information);
  8. ASS Merab Chelidze;

Department of Machine Dynamics was founded in 1966 by Professor Michael Khvingia initiative, which had remained the head till the election of the Academy of Sciences academician secretary; Further, the end of life (1994) he was a scientist-consultant and had close relations with the employees of the Department and with current scientific-research works.

Mr. Michael also was stood out by the great organizational ability, as evidenced Performed in 1975-93 years under the direct leadership of the international conferences in the fields of vibratory machinery and machine dynamics, for which a great interest and participation have displayed the leading scientists in the field of foreign scientific centers.

In the department have fulfilled the fundamental researches in vibration technology, biomechanics, the machine dynamics, which reflected in the theoretical and practical results and numerous candidate and doctoral dissertations.

Now in the department is ongoing research works in the field of vibrating equipments, as well as are being worked out issues on different types of transport and technological systems of dynamics problems.

At National Science Foundation grant competition the employees of the department in 2008 had won three grants: two of which are in development and the creation of a new vibratory machines are connected, and one - the use of vibrating processes in construction; Their description is given in annexes: M. Chelidze Compaction. H. Tsulaia Separation.V. Zviadauri Transportation.

The employees of the department have relations with mechanics of the scientific schools of former Soviet republics Latvia and the Institute of Mechanics at the Technical University of Lithuania in Kaunas Technical University; Petersburg vibratory engineering laboratories; Moscow Institute of Machine; Ukraine's Khmelnitsky National University.

Department employees take part in the international scientific and technical conferences, both domestically and abroad.

The department staff have published dozens of monographs and textbooks, have received numerous patents for the invention, have participated in many international conferences, they have hundreds of scientific articles in local and foreign magazines.

Such relationships facilitates familiarization with modern scientific and technical achievements and to enhance scientific contacts with foreign colleagues.

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