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The main scientific directions

        The researches of fundamental as well as of applied character are carried out in the Institute. The scientific themes are presented by the following priorities: elaboration of the innovatory technologies in mechanical engineering and transport means; use of the non-traditional, renewable power sources.
        The researches are carried out into the following scientific problems:
• reliability and durability of machines;
• mechanics (dynamics and vibrations) of machine systems and mechanisms;
• mathematical modeling, elaboration and development of the optimal methods of calculation of the machine plants and processes proceeding in them;
• elaboration of the rational design and engineer methods of calculation of the heavy machines and devices;
• research into the mobile machines;
• research into the heat-power plants, mainly internal combustion engines and conversion to the alternative fuels;
• elaboration of new nano-composite materials and technologies;
• elaboration of new technologies for obtaining the wear and corrosion-proof coatings;
• elaboration of the metal-saving technologies and devices;
• elaboration of the converters of the geo-thermal water, sea waves and other non-traditional energy sources.

        The departments of the institute have laboratories equipped with the relevant scientific apparatus, where are disposed:

• testing stand for the 16 to 250 Kw power internal combustion engines;
• testing stands for the automobiles and vibratory machinery;
• plants and apparatus for the versatile testing of the materials properties.

       At present in the institute are working 60 employees, from which 29 are scientifics, among them 27 scientific doctors
By help of institute are published the international scientific magazine "problems of Mechanics".

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